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Dream to reality

Dolce Ragusa label was born from the dream of two close friends, who want to introduce to the world, the beauty of the sunny Italian city of Ragusa through classical Sicilian Sweets.
The main focus is to satisfy customers around the world, with top-quality fresh products that can suit the whole family members.

Dolce Ragusa’s delicious sweets, stuffed with Mascarpone and ricotta cheese, show the ultimate union between the high quality and amazing taste, signed by Dolce Ragusa Team.

About us

Dolce Ragusa is an authentic specialized Italian pastry focuses on selecting original ingredients directly from Italy to recreate exactly the true Italian ‘Dolce’ experience reflected in products, visitor experience, and in each customer interactions.
The brand is brining the authentic Italian pastry experience from Ragusa, in Italy with currently 5 stores around Riyadh city and many more to come. Dolce Ragusa is a Saudi brand based, born and raised in Ragusa city, Italy in 2014.

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